Million Book Giveaway – The Book of Blessings: Impacting Lives with the Language of God by R. Scott Osborne

R. Scott Osborne’s dream to give away one million books takes the first step toward fulfillment. Until recently, The Book of Blessings: Impacting Lives with the Language of God (ISBN 978-1-60266-744-0), was only available in paperback. Now this handy resource is also available in a free PDF format.

According to the author, “We are all directed by God to speak blessings. There is no better way to bless someone than to quote the Author of all blessings, God Himself.” This book helps people wishing to speak meaningful words in ministry for common, everyday situations.

“When we speak God’s Word, we convey His influence to the world around us,” says Osborne, “but many of us don’t know where to start when we open the Bible.” The Book of Blessings contains more than 500 Scripture blessings, sorted into 24 categories that equip the reader to apply the power of the Bible.”

“As we study and restore the Biblical practice of blessing, we will come to discover the profound influence it can have on our families, our congregations, our society, and our own lives,” states the author. The digital version of the book will now allow people everywhere to have access to this valuable tool. The PDF format makes it available to both computers and smart phones.

Free downloads of The Book of Blessings may be obtained at the author’s web site, The site also offers a free, searchable database of blessings visitors are invited to use.

About the Author
R. Scott Osborne is an Elder at Christian Assembly in Columbus, Ohio where he is also Director of Ministry Development. His responsibilities include direction of men’s ministries, chairmanship of the deacon board, and directorship on the board of Threshold Community Services.

Scott formally entered ministry in 2003 after twenty-plus years as an executive in the medical device industry. Throughout his life, he invested himself in a number of ministry roles, including Bible teacher, home group leader, deacon, worship leader, and Sunday School bus driver.

Scott volunteers for a crisis pregnancy center where he counsels male clients and leads post-abortion recovery groups for men. He is also active in interfaith work between Christians and Jews including fund-raising for Christian Friends of Israeli Communities.