When and Whom to Bless

There is almost never a bad time for a blessing. Saying “goodbye” before heading out the door in the morning can be a time for blessing. Encouraging someone in their time of trouble can be an occasion for blessing. A hospital visit is definitely a moment for blessing. A note in a card for a birthday, graduation or any celebration is a perfect opportunity to speak blessing into someone else’s life. As you begin to practice the priestly duty of blessing, you may be amazed by how frequently the Holy Spirit will nudge you to impart a blessing.

Parents may use this book to speak Scriptures in blessing their children and grandchildren. Spouses may speak blessings to strengthen their relationship with one another and affirm one another in ways they have never experienced. Siblings can bless siblings. Congregations can bless their pastors and pastors, their flocks. Friends may bless friends. Anyone who wants to impact the life of another person with the language of God can use blessings for that purpose.