May your house be built by wisdom and may understanding make it secure.
(Prov 24:3, NIrV)

R. Scott Osborne

Download a Free Copy of The Book of Blessings

Since completing The Book of Blessings, it has been my desire to give it away. I am convinced God wants to restore the practice of speaking blessings and I know I must do my part to help facilitate it. I believe the Lord has led me to give away free digital downloads of the book from my website! My goal is to give away one million downloads.

It thrills my soul to think that anyone who can access the internet may now have a copy of the book at no cost. Best of all, it can be downloaded anywhere in the world. If God plants a vision, then He is going to provide everything needed to see it fulfilled.

I pray God will be glorified and many lives will be changed through the power of His spoken Word in the form of blessings.

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CODE HINT: number three, lowercase "t", uppercase "R"

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A Blessing for You

May the Lord yet fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy. (Job 8:21, NLT)

R. Scott Osborne

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