May the Lord make you strong and be pleased with the work you do.
(Deut 33:11, NCV)

May you find favor in the sight of the Lord and may He know you by name.
(Exod 33:17, CJB)

May the joy of the Lord be your strength.
(NEH 8:10, KJV)

May your house be built by wisdom and may understanding make it secure.
(Prov 24:3, NIrV)

R. Scott Osborne

The Book of Blessings

God is the Author of all blessings. When we speak blessings from the Bible, we are literally imparting God’s blessing. The Lord has given us this authority along with the freedom to use it.

The Book of Blessings is a how-to-why-to book containing more than 500 Scripture blessings, sorted into 24 categories so that readers can apply the power of the Bible to almost any situation. This is for anyone wanting to enrich the lives of others by speaking the right word at the right time but may struggle to find the appropriate expression.

As we study and restore the practice of blessing by all people who love God, we will discover the profound influence His Word can have on our families, our communities, and our world.

What People are Saying

The Book of Blessings
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"Just wanted to let you know by example how far reaching an impact the book God gave you has had in people's lives. I send a blessing, usually 2 or 3 daily, and the response in several cases was such that it came at a time when the "waters were rising", to coin a phrase. As I say, thanks to your obedience to Him in setting His words to paper. I feel I'm embarking on a small blessing ministry, if there is such a thing. I'm in awe of how God can move." - Dan (Gahanna, OH)

Consider the Impact...

Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem

Israel is under attack. At the time of this writing, over 700 rockets have been fired into Israel from Gaza in recent days. For the first time, rockets have reached the skies over nearly every population center in the country, terrorizing millions of Israelis. Thanks to the air defense system called Iron Dome, the majority of rockets headed for residential areas have been intercepted. Thank you God!

Those of us who study the first five books of the Bible (known as the Pentateuch to Christians, the Torah to Jews) know God formed a covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob that constitutes an eternal commitment to Israel. He is unwavering in his faithfulness to this special nation.

If the Creator of the universe chose Israel to be His people, then we must love and support them. We honor God by blessing Israel and in return, we are blessed. “I will bless those who bless you, and the one who curses you I will curse. And in you all the families of the earth will be blessed.” (Genesis 12:3, NASB)

Please join with me in praying for the peace and safety of Israel. In the words of King David, “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. May they prosper who love you. May peace be within your walls, and prosperity within your palaces.” (Psalm 122:6-7, NASB).

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A Blessing for You

May the kindness and love of God our Savior be revealed to others through you. (Titus 3:4, KJV)

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R. Scott Osborne

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